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Contracts/Agreements Alphabetical Archive

Name Description  
  ADP Contract  
  Appraisal for 1499 US Hwy 17 Dec. 2011  
  Appraisal of Allyndeb Industrial Property Nov. 2009  
  Appraisal for 897 South 6th Ave (Incubator)  
  Appraisal for 2585 Commerce Court Land  
  Appraisal for 2275 Commerce Court Land only  
  Appraisal for 1340 US Hwy 17 N- MoBo building  
  BioNitrogen Contract-Final Signed  
  Bill of Sale Will Duke  
  Broadband EDA grant award agreement  
  Conley Grove Contract  
  Continuum Labs Examination  
  Continuum Labs 1st Amendment Modification  
  Continuum Labs contract FINAL SIGNED  
  Continuum Labs, Inc. TechRiver Report  
  Continuum Labs 6 month review  
  Continuum Labs Year End Review  
  Continuum Labs Tech River lease  
  Conitnuum/Lifesync purchase agreement  


Construction Manager Contract  
  Distance Learning and Telemedicine Program Application  
  IDA & Rapid Systems Joint Job Creation application  
  EDA grant award Bees & Botanicals 2016  
  EDA grant award Command Center  
  EDA grant award Debut Development 2016  
  EDA grant award EDC 12-13  
  EDA grant award EDC 13-14  
  EDA grant award EDC 2016  
  EDA grant award Florikan  
  EDA grant award Florikan extension  
  EDA grant award Incubator 2013  
  EDA grant award Incubator 2014  
  EDA grant award Incubator 2016  
  EDA grant award Keyplex (Spec buidling 3)  
  EDA grant award Lot 13(Spec building 7)  
  EDA grant award Peace River Paddlesports 2016  
  EDA grant award PFM (Spec building 5)  
  EDA grant award Stream2Sea 2016  
  EDA grant award Tech River (Spec buidling 4)  
  EDA grant award Water/Sewer cooridor  
  EDA grant award Water/Sewer Corridor 2016  
  Fill Line Manager Contract  
  Fill Line Manager Contract year 2  
  Florida Hospital/City of Wauchula/IDA Interlocal Agreement  
  Florikan Lease Final  
  Florikan Agreement  
  Florikan Indemnity  
  Florikan Purchase   
  Forestwood Appraisal  
  Grove Caretaking contract July 2013  
  IDA-EDC Chamber Joint Agenda Regarding
Tourism Development
  Hardee County Economy Building Strategy  
  Hardee County IDA Impact Report  
  Hardee Fresh Contract  
  Hardee IDA Rapid, Final FS, 09302012 Rpt  
  IDA Resolution 12 18  
  IDA Resolution 1205  
  Innovation Pack and Ship Lease  
  Joanne Taylor-Commerce Park appraisal  
  Johnson Harvesting Contract  
  Johnson Harvesting 2009 contract  
  Keyplex Commercial Lease June 2012  
  Keyplex Commercial Lease  
  Lifesync Closeout  
  LifeSync Contract  
  Market Research Report for LifeDash  
  Mosaic Agreement IDA Rules April 20 2010 (2)FINAL  
  Mosaic Development Terms  
  MOU Rapid FRBA 2010  
  MOU between FRBA and IDA  
  MSpace Lease  
  Nutrapure for agreement for Sale & purchase  
  Nutrapure Lease and option to purchase  
  Peace River Paddle Sports & Kuleana Adventures contract  
  Peace River Paddle Sports & Kuleana Adventures contract Year 2  
  PFM Lease  
  PFM First Lease Amendment  
  PRECO purchase & Sale Agreement  
  PRECO closing documents  
  Rapid Systems Bill of Sale  
  Rapid Systems Agreed Upon Procedures  
  Rapid systems and IDA agreement  
  Rapid Systems & IDA joint EDA Infrastructure application  
  Redding lawn and landscape contract  
  Rural Florida Data Center  
  Seychelles Organics, Inc (Nutrapure)  
  Skills That Change Techriver lease  
  Southeast Steel lease  
  Stream2Sea subgrant agreement  
  Stream2Sea subgrant agreement Year 2  
  Stream2Sea 1st Amendment to subgrant agreement  
  Stream2Sea Techriver lease  
  Terrell Property Appraisal  
   Terrell Property-Grove Appraisal  
  USF Economy Building Strategy Report  


USF Institute of Government - presentation

  Utilitech lease  
  Wicks Brown Contract  
  Winn Dixie (old) Contract  


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FDOT Freight and Mobility Trade Plan 2016

Aug 31, 2016

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South Florida State College Career Center

Jan 07, 2016

SFSC Career Center Expands Services Through College Career Network In January, South Florida State College’s Career Development Center joined College Central Network, a nationwide service…...
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