Hardee County and TechRiver University

The mission of TechRiver University is "to build a technology-focused community that provides education and creates jobs for residents, attracts new talent and new businesses, and fosters an environment of growth, progress, and ongoing sustainability." Located in the Technology Park off of Hwy 17 in Wauchula in Hardee County, Florida, TechRiver University offers entrepreneurship classes and workshops to the local community, and its campus is home to several small business and local startups. Its future partners include technology and business powerhouses such as Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, and HP.

TechRiver University has a class schedule that will benefit any small business; their current classes include business communication, computer basics, innovation strategy, application development, and many more. Past classes that have been held at the TechRiver University campus have included How to Use Social Media Without Hurting Yourself, How to Make Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Work For You, a series on Promoting Your Business Online, Creative Thinking and Innovation, a communication strategies workshop on Innovating Effectively, and several Introduction to Programming classes.

In addition to its in-house class and workshop programs, TechRiver University also offers open classroom space for independent small business training sessions and certification classes; professors and instructors will have access to some of the best education technology available in the region. Through a Hardee County initiative to promote the technology industry's growth in the region, the Technology Park in which TechRiver is located was built with one of the most state of the art broadband systems in place. TechRiver University itself has 500 Mbps (megabits per second) of broadband, in addition to top of the line security systems with swipe card access, video surveillance, and a data vault that includes rack space. 


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