Hardee County is the place to grow your ideas. Our community supports the entrepreneur spirit and recognizes the necessity to foster innovators. Below are our resources for entrepreneurs.

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)- The Hardee County Economic Development Office has partnered with the SBDC to deliver tools and resources to entrepreneurs. SBDC can assist you in building a business plan, constructing a critical business foundation, consulting in financing, marketing strategies, government contracting, international trade, financial analysis and capital access, business certifications, market and revenue growth strategies.

South Florida State College (SFSC)- SFSC is a strong partner and offers many advantages to entrepreneurs in the community.

Incubator- The production based incubator/accelerator located in Wauchula offers a space for entrepreneurs to grow their ideas. With a functioning fill line that is capable to various size runs, marketing specialist and ample room, the facility can meet multiple needs for entrepreneurs.

Broadband- Hardee County has a ubiquitous broadband system that provides wireless internet throughout the community. Entrepreneurs can capitalize on our internet capabilities to expand and start their businesses in a competitive environment.

Funding- Hardee County has unique funding streams that allows us to assist entrepreneurs in reaching their business goals. The Economic Development Council can assist entrepreneurs in working with the Industrial Development Authority, Community Redevelopment Agency and Economic Development Authority.

Commerce Park- Hardee County has a shovel ready commerce park. Through the economic development office, entrepreneurs can seek lease to own buildings or reduced priced land as incentive for job creation.


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