Entrepreneurship’s Role in Economic Development

Small businesses are the foundation for any economy, and at the Hardee County Economic Development Council, we are dedicated to supporting local businesses that will diversify the local economy and provide high-wage and high-skill job opportunities for residents of Hardee County, improving their quality of life and the overall economic growth rate. Paying special attention to new businesses being started in Hardee County and to established businesses that are relocated to Hardee County, the Council seeks to create the kind of environment in which businesses are able to grow and flourish.

Entrepreneurs are absolutely crucial to fostering economic growth and development, thanks to the entrepreneurial insights into previously ignored or unnoticed profit opportunities that they provide and act upon when they begin or pursue a business venture. When entrepreneurs act upon these ideas and start new businesses to accommodate them, they contribute to economic growth, as they have found a way to increase levels of consumer satisfaction at a lower cost than before.

Many of these insights are built on the foundations of previous entrepreneurial insights, meaning that the more businesses are started, the more ideas become available. We at the Hardee Economical Development Council believe in supporting small businesses that have either been started in or relocated to Hardee County, as the more business growth we have, the more opportunities will appear for more and more entrepreneurs, leading to even greater increases in economic growth. Our goal is to create the kind of business environment that will help local businesses succeed and grow, allowing for up and coming entrepreneurs to achieve each of their visions in a healthy economic environment.


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