Side view of Florikan 18 wheeler

The Industrial Development Authority has constructed its largest building (80,000 sq./ft.) in the Hardee County Commerce Park for Florikan. Hardee County is excited to welcome Florikan. Florikan was named as one of the top 50 businesses to watch by GrowFl.

Florikan specializes in polymer coated fertilizer technologies such as Florikote® and Nutricote®. These controlled release fertilizers reduce the need for multiple fertilizer applications while improving crop performance. Our Staged Nutrient Release® blending technology times the release of plant nutrients to a crop’s uptake pattern, thereby reducing waste and increasing efficiency of the fertilizer.

As a leader in polymer-coated fertilizer technologies for the agriculture, horticulture and turf industries, Florikan brought the recently developed and patented polymer-coated fertilizer technology, Florikote, to market in 2008. Since then, they have experienced more than fifty percent year over year growth in its production volume.

Invented by Florikan with assistance from the NASA-funded Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program, Florikote utilizes next-generation polymers and manufacturing processes that enable the encapsulation of unique fertilizer materials that previously have not been available commercially. Florikan is the only manufacturer of controlled release fertilizer in Florida and the only wholly-owned controlled release fertilizer production company based in the U.S. View Florikan's full website here.


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