Guide to Florida Business Grants

New Business Funding in Florida

It is the dream of many a working people to start up and manage their own business. Entrepreneurs of all shades have been doing so for as long as business has existed, but the cost of opening a small business in today’s world has made this a difficult and oftentimes daunting process. With the rising costs of starting a business, the initial fund usually needs to be high in order to ensure the success of the business. The paradigm however, at least in the State of Florida, is shifting to allow more and more people the ability to start up their own business.

Loans are the most popular way for new business hopefuls to acquire the funding they need. However, there are often stipulations, strict repayment plans, and unnecessarily high interest rates that make taking out a small business loan a not so desirable option. While this is a necessary reality for some, many people in the State of Florida are turning to business grants to fund their fledgling company.

Unlike a loan, a small business grant is a non-conditional “gift” from the State of Florida to help you start and cultivate a new business. Once acquiring, they often provide sufficient funding without the worry of having to repay the money or pay extra in interest. While the new entrepreneur would need to apply for such a grant, there are numerous programs available in this State that really open the possibilities for all kinds of people, specifically women, veterans, and many minority groups.

With such an enticing opportunity, business grants should be sought out by anyone looking to start a small business in the State of Florida. Not only can these grants help a business begin, but they also provide enough funding to increase its chance of survival and turn over a larger profit for their owners. To learn more about how you can acquire business grants in the State of Florida and how the Hardee County Economic Development Council can help you in all matters of starting and running a small business, please call 863-773-3030.


Florida Business Grants

When it comes to starting a new business or growing the small business that you’ve already created, generating the funds to undergo such a process can seem daunting. Thankfully, the State of Florida has a series of programs available for small business owners of all stripes to help start and develop their own businesses. The Florida business grants program provides thousands of dollars every year for this purpose and to help stimulate economic growth throughout the state.

The best part about finding grant money for your small business is that the money does not need to be paid back. This separates them from traditional loans and sets them apart as one of, if not the best way to fund your fledgling business. Moreover, the sheer number of grants available for small businesses make them somewhat easily acquirable for many. The State of Florida of course offers many through their own system courtesy of the Department of Economic Opportunity, but even beyond that, there are numerous federal grants available with large amounts of grants given away by the federal government every year.

Non-governmental organizations also give away grant money to eligible small businesses and these private subsidies are often easier to acquire for specific types of businesses or to local geographic areas. For example, Workforce Florida Inc. provides grants to Florida businesses to help our local economy. Grants are also more widely available for women and minority groups and other circumstances.

Applying for Florida business grants, be it state or federal government or privately funded, is also not a difficult process. Most organizations have websites that contain the necessary application forms. By searching out and completing these forms, hopefully you and your small business will be one step closer to success both now and in the future. For more information about business grants in the State of Florida and how the Hardee County Economic Development Council can help you acquire them, please call us at 863-773-3030.


Florida Business Grants vs Florida Business Loans

Many people who are starting or trying to grow a new small business may think that loans are a good way to acquire funding. While they are certainly not a bad option, and sometimes a necessary evil depending on the owners’ circumstances, grants are often a better route to pursue. This is primarily because business grants, unlike loans, do not have to be paid back and there is no interest cost associated with them.

Florida business loans are certainly available from banks and credit unions across the state and country, however there is a cost associated with them. Obviously loans need to be paid back within a certain timetable, which puts an extra strain on the business that you are trying to cultivate. Moreover, many loaning agencies will sometimes charge high interest rates, the rationale being that they may or may not be certain that your business will live up to their expectations. Business grants on the other hand, do not require any return payments, making them essentially “free money.” This is very beneficial for your new or growing business because you can focus completely on helping it be successful, rather than worrying about making monthly loan repayments.

On the other hand, business loans are usually easy to obtain from a bank or credit agency, whereas business grants are awarded to certain businesses who meet those organizations’ requirements. This makes business grants slightly more elusive than their loan counterparts, which can make loans seem like the easier option. This being said, there are many different Florida and federal business grants available from both the government and private entities. If you are able to find and secure these grants, the benefits certainly outweigh the work needed to find them.

With so many Florida business grants available across the state, the options are there for you to be able to obtain the funding that you need to help start and grow your own small business with the best financial options available. To learn more about different business grants in the State of Florida and how the Hardee County Economic Development Council can help you acquire them, please call us at 863-773-3030.


The Purpose of Florida Business Grants

The ability to obtain free money to help start or grow a small business sounds almost too good to be true, but it is a reality for many Florida small business owners and entrepreneurs. Business grants are large amounts of funding awarding to qualifying small businesses. Since these grants are interest-free gifts, they do not need to be paid back at all and can really help new and fledgling business begin and thrive.

Why would private organizations or the State and Federal government help provide this funding? The primary purpose of these grants is to help stimulate local economies with the business that small companies provide. By enhancing a business and helping it grow, it is also able to help that business provide its good and services to specific communities, which help the growth and development of localized areas. When businesses grow, residential areas and other commercial centers tend to grow as well, which bolsters the community as a whole.

Sometimes grants are given to small businesses for specific reasons, which helps those areas of a micro economy. For example, grants that are given to businesses for the purpose of hiring new labor help the employment rate in certain areas and create more job opportunities, which not only help the local peoples, but help attract more to the area. Grants given to businesses that are already somewhat established for the purpose of research and development can help them create new products and technologies that improve the quality of life for all. Grants are even sometimes given to small businesses for the purpose of enhancing international trade, if they already use foreign products. Typically, these kinds of grants are given to businesses that are weak in those areas, which helps them survive longer and remain strong.

The purpose of Florida business grants are often to help stimulate and serve the communities in which those small businesses exist. Grants are given out by the State government to localized areas to help those specific communities, which improves the quality of life for all who live in them. Hardee County is no exception and there are many opportunities available for your small business as well. To learn more about how the Hardee County Economic Development Council can help you acquire these business-boosting grants and help you to start or grow your small business, please call us at 863-773-3030.


Startup Businesses and Florida Grants

One of the most difficult steps in starting a new small business is finding the funds necessary to create and invest in it. The downside is that in the State of Florida, property in commercial areas is at a high rate and many businesses struggle to start up as a result of this. The good news however is that there are many grants available in the State of Florida to help new businesses grow and flourish. These amounts of money are given interest-free and with no required repayment to small businesses across the state and country, however the federal grants typically only support small, but established businesses.

Thankfully, for new businesses, there are even more grants available within the state. This is primarily because the state and many private organizations recognize the struggle that new small business owners, or rather hopeful small business owners, have in revving up their company for business. Some of these grants are given away by the State of Florida, courtesy of the Department of Economic Opportunity, and these can be obtained through the State and Department’s website. If awarded, they are sure to be a huge help in investing in your new business.

Private organizations also fund startup businesses through grant money as well, particularly in the State of Florida. For example, Enterprise Florida awards hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to help businesses get started in local areas. These businesses must meet their standards of course, but are awarded to all kinds of fields. Sometimes grants are available for small businesses in specific fields. For example, some of the universities in Florida, including the University of Florida and the University of South Florida, award grants to businesses in the technology field to develop new research. These grants are more specific, but may be applicable to your business idea.

Whichever field you want to start a business in, there are numerous options available throughout the State of Florida to help fund and boost your startup business in your local community. If you require assistance with starting your business in the area or searching for these grants to bolster your startup funds, the Hardee County Economic Development Council is here to help. For more information and assistance, please contact us at 863-773-3030.


Grants for Florida Entrepreneurs

By definition, an entrepreneur is someone who seeks on their own to start and operate a business with greater financial risks that for most other businesspeople. This risk may be associated with any number of things, but one of the most prevalent is the high startup costs for creating a small business. This is particularly true in the State of Florida, where the recent price increase for commercial property has made starting a business more difficult than in the past. Fortunately, there is relief for Florida entrepreneurs in the form of small business grants.

Grant money is just as the name states; it is free money awarded to qualifying small businesses for the sole purpose of helping them startup and survive. The key to business grants is that they do not have any repayment plan associated with them, unlike business loans, which do have to be paid back, usually with high interest rates. This takes a lot of the financial stress out of the small business owner and minimizes some of the risk that is the hallmark of entrepreneurship.

In addition, many grants are available for people who are trying to start up a new business. The State and even many private organizations do this to encourage economic growth in regional areas and also to encourage new people to pursue their dreams and create a local, small business that they can be proud of. If you want to operate in a specific field, there are even more grants available for startups, particularly in the fields of technology and scientific research.

While the challenges for Florida entrepreneurs are mightier than ever, the aid given to those looking to start their own business is mightier still. If you have been wanting to start your own business, in whatever field it may be, in the area, the Hardee County Economic Development Council can help you by assisting you in finding grants that can take a lot of pressure off of cultivating a small business, as well as provide insight and resources that are key to helping you and your new business succeed. Please contact us at 863-773-3030 for more information and resources.


Small Business Grants for Women in Florida

Starting a small business can be a difficult and daunting process for anyone, particularly because of the large amount of funding typically necessary to start a business. In fact, many small businesses, particularly in the State of Florida fail within the first few years because of insufficient funding and it is common sense to think that a business could not even be started without enough capital to back it. Thankfully, small business grants exist, which provide sufficient funding with no repayment for people looking to start or grow their own business. While there are certainly opportunities for all small business owners, there are a particular array of opportunities available for women in business.

The State as well as private organizations award a certain amount of grants every year and the recipients of certain grants can vary depending on the focus group or target audience of the award. For example, some organizations will give grants only to businesses that are focused on technology or scientific advancement, for the purpose of furthering research and development usually. Like field, certain grants are also awards to groups of people and women are the focus of many grant programs.

The Amber Grant for Women, for instance, is given only to women in Florida, and sometimes nationally, for the purpose of starting their own businesses or furthering the ones that they have already created. There are dozens of others available across the state specifically for women business owners, so it would be an excellent idea to pursue these grants with the hopes of boosting your small business.

If you are a woman in Florida who is currently looking to pursue her dreams and own her own business, then now is the time to strike. There are many opportunities for women all over the State to acquire grant money to offset or cover the costs both of opening a business and maintaining one for a while, so you can focus on achieving your dreams with minimal financial burden. For more resources for starting a local business in the area, please contact the Hardee County Economic Development Council at 863-773- 3030.


How to Apply for Florida Business Grants

When a person is trying to acquire enough funds to start a new business or to grow one that he or she just started, grants are usually one of the best routes to pursue. Unlike loans, grants are gifts of money from the State or private organizations that never need to be paid back. This is ideal for small businesses because it takes a lot of financial pressure off of the business since it does not need to focus on making regular loan repayments and can instead focus on helping the business grow. How would a small business owner in Florida find and acquire these grants? Thankfully, there are a lot of resources available and the process is not as difficult as one might think.

For the most part, the websites of the awarding agencies will contain a specific form that needs to be filled out in order to apply for a business grant. Sometimes these can be submitted electronically, while sometimes they must be printed out and mailed in; it is up to the discretion of the organization. You can find a number of resources and lists of organizations that give out grants through either the Hardee County Economic Development Council or certain State agencies, including the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

Needless to say, while the State of Florida and other organization gladly give out grant money, they are not awarded to every business that applies. Therefore you, the business owner, would need to prove a few things to ensure that you would be the best recipient of the grants offered. For most applications, the business owner will be required to submit a detailed business plan. This is done to show that the funds will be utilized in an appropriate and effective way. In addition, you will probably need to demonstrate how your business will positively affect the community around you. Most grants are given to local businesses to better the community, so you will need to make sure you can meet that expectation. Finally, you will need to prove that there is insufficient capital to support the business and that funds are unavailable through other organizations. This is to help ensure that the grant is received by business with the most need and the target audience of the giving organization.

Grants are utilized by many Florida business owners to help fund the creation or maintenance of their local business with minimal financial risk. To receive these awards of essentially free money, one must seek them out, apply for them, and demonstrate that his or her business is the best for the award. When the victor receives the spoils, he or she will all the funding necessary to make business dreams come true. To learn more about how the Hardee County Economic Development Council can help you with your local business and provide resources to help you secure grants, please call 863-773- 3030.


State Small Business Credit Initiative in Florida

When starting or trying to grow your own business, one of the biggest obstacles to success comes in the form of being able to sufficiently fund the business. Be it the initial cost of finding property in commercial areas, the capital needed to hire employees, or any number of other startup costs, the price for starting and maintaining a business is a high one. Thankfully, the State of Florida has recognized this as a potential problem and set up a program to help out small businesses in the state. This program, called the State Small Business Credit Initiative, or SSBCI, provides qualifying small businesses with the opportunity to receive loan guarantees from other financial agencies.

It should be made clear that the SSBCI does not fund small businesses directly. The State of Florida already provides this through grant awards given out. What the SSBCI is designed to do however is to guarantee that a small business, or potential small business, can receive some kind of funding through banks, credit unions, and other financial entities. In other words, participating agencies cannot turn down a small business, which in the State of Florida is defined that one with less than 500 employees, for a loan. Note that this does not lay out any rules for interest rates or repayment plans, but it does ensure that some kind of funding is available for those trying to grow a fledgling business locally.

There is a small fee associated with this program, however the benefit is greater to small businesses that are eligible. These funds must be ensured that they go to direct business activities, but that is what you would need for your business anyways.

The SSBCI is a large step forward for helping small businesses grow in the State of Florida, but it is the end-all. There is still a risk associated with taking out a loan and having the financial burden to repay it. Grants are a good way to go as well, but they can sometimes be difficult to find. Thankfully, the Hardee County Economic Development Council has the resources and experiences to help your local business grow stronger and be as successfully as it can be. To learn more about how we can help grow your business in the area, please call 863-773- 3030.


Business Grants and Economic Growth

It is the dream of many an entrepreneur to start and manage their own business and help it grow. Owning a local business comes at a cost however and many turn to taking out loans to help fund their new company. The more effective way of funding a business however is through grant money. Business grants are free gifts given to applicable local business owners to help fund their dreams of creating a stellar business with minimal financial risk. Not only do they help the business owner with further his or her endeavors, but strong local businesses help boost the local economy as well.

In fact, one of the primary reasons for the State of Florida and private organizations to provide the opportunities for business grants is to promote economic growth. If the businesses in a community are doing well, then the overall economy of the community receives a boost because the money is circulating internally. If a business grows and needs to hire more employees, then the job market increases in a region, which also help economic growth through more employment opportunities for those living around there.

In many cases, the small business grants awarded by the State of Florida through the Department of Economic Opportunity are dispersed to certain regions for the purpose of stimulating the local economy of those communities. Grants are also given to companies dedicated to researching new technological advancements, which help bring new opportunities to the area and increase its reputation, which can bring more people in as well. In some instances as well, grants will be given to businesses that sell international products for the sake of supporting foreign trade, if only on a smaller scale.

Business grants are given to many different kinds of local businesses and often are given with the purpose of supporting economic growth. Stronger businesses in areas that are disadvantaged give the region a boost, while a thriving business in any community will inevitably create new jobs and a stronger economy. In our community, the Hardee County Economic Development Council is committed to help our local business start, grow, and be the best they can be. For more information about the resources we offer and how we can help you acquire grants to fund your own local business, please call 863-773- 3030.


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