Aerial photo of KeyPlex building

In 2010 Hardee County recruited KeyPlex, a crop nutritional manufacturer to the Hardee Commerce Park to occupy an existing vacant building and to construct additional space. The Industrial Development Authority (IDA) and Keyplex jointly constructed a 22,000 square foot manufacturing/office facility for the production of products shipped worldwide. KeyPlex has created 15-20 direct jobs and numerous indirect jobs.

Founded in 1980, Keyplex has continually focused on researching plant health, establishing a link between the necessary plant nutrient requirements and the most efficient way to supply them. Thus, the development of Keyplex’s patented blend of micronutrients, yeast hydrolysate and humic acid found in each of our products fuels the energy requirements for defense, growth and reproduction necessary in plant production and stabilization. Our careful selection of raw materials, together with our precise standards of production, provides a consistently reliable method of insuring that the optimum level of plant nutrition and effectiveness is realized.

Since the mid 90’s scientific data confirms that KeyPlex elicits the production of defensive proteins (systemic acquired resistance [SAR]), stimulates plants resistance to infection and aids in eradicating the damaging effects of environments stresses. In 2004 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved KeyPlex 350, the only biopesticide with micronutrients, providing growers a safe and effective alternative to traditional materials.

Three decades later KeyPlex research continues to unravel the complex world of plant health and its relationship with nature. Though understated, the use of KeyPlex makes the complexity of plant health universal and simple.

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