Economic Development Spotlight - Eziquia Lopez

Jul 07, 2021

     Creating meaningful employment for the citizens of Hardee County is the heartbeat of the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) and Economic Development Council (EDC). Companies recruited to Hardee County are incentivized through job creation agreements. R. Riveter received a job creation grant from the Economic Development Authority (EDA) of $500,000 with the contractual agreement to create 43 jobs. The Industrial Development Authority awarded R. Riveter an equipment loan in the amount of $250,000 with a 5% interest rate. The Industrial Development Authority is currently pursuing  a lease purchase agreement with R. Riveter for a manufacturing and retail facility on Main Street in Wauchula, Florida. 

     Eziquia Lopez, a Hardee County citizen, has gained quality employment with R. Riveter and a skill set that will enable her to better her future! Here is Eziquia’s story in her own words: 

     “I stopped working at a place where I worked outside in the hot sun from early in the morning to evening time.  I had done this all my life and my feet were wet all the time and I had to lift heavy cans filled with dirt.  It was very difficult to do this kind of work daily. I am so grateful for R. Riveter that they gave me an opportunity to learn a new skill and continue to learn and succeed.  I do not have to be out there anymore in the hot sun. This is a great company providing opportunities to learn new things and yes, it is hard work, I just enjoy doing what I do.  I enjoy my work. I did not know how to sew on a commercial machine. I only knew how to sew on a smaller home machine. In the beginning, I would hit and smash my fingers a lot with the foot of the commercial sewing machine, but I quickly learned and got better.  I love my job and if there were more opportunities for my friends who are interested to work at this company, I am sure they too would come here and work and love it like I do.”


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