Site Selection for Building Construction

While there are many criteria and factors involved with selecting a site for a new business or an expansion of a current one, to make sure a potential site is the right one for your company, here are a number of considerations to make which will affect both the value of the new asset, but also the ease at which your business can operate.

Conduct Preliminary Research through Surveys

A number of geographic and logistical surveys should be conducted before any other considerations take place. The results of the surveys will help you to make informed decisions from the start. These surveys will help you determine the best locations, which will greatly affect the value of your future buildings. The surveys we recommend conducting on a new potential site are:

  • Preliminary survey
  • Contour survey
  • Plane table survey
  • Road survey

Study Nearby Buildings & Transportation

Knowing the behavior of other existing buildings that are nearby your potential site will help to understand what is suitable and what is not, which is especially important for factors such as the size of the foundation.

Consider how your workforce will be traveling to and from your new site. Is the location near access to public transportation or major roads or highways? Does the plot of land have enough space to include adequate employee parking?

Consider the Environment

Climate and environmental factors can have a huge impact on a new building’s construction. Buildings in different climates will have different building codes and standards to accommodate for things such as temperature extremes and potential natural disasters that affect respective regions. Smart planning can help optimize the building for renewable energy sources like solar, wind or geothermal power.

Make sure a new site is placed above the normal flood level. Having conducted the contour survey will help to give you a fair lay of the land. Knowing the soil conditions (or conditions of the sand, rocks or clay) and bearing capacity of a piece of land will greatly affect what and how much can be built upon it.

When constructing a new building, consider how the building will affect the environment around it. It is ideal to create a building that will have the least amount of negative impact on the surrounding environment, as well as few to none threats to the environment.

Respect Zoning & Other Laws    

Learn the restrictions and by-laws set in place by the local governments. These will affect what can and cannot be built on a property. Be sure to check that any potential plot is zoned for the industry you plan to develop. Knowing the legalities and terms of ownership of a plot of land in a region will also be important. Check with the local municipal department for more info on such laws and conditions.



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