Target Industries

Hardee County has many resources that have led the community to identify target industries. Our competitive advantage in the below industries have made Hardee County the place to expand your business.

Agriculture & Value Added Agriculture
Hardee County has always had an economy vested in agriculture. Its citizens and financial institutions have a wealth of knowledge related to Florida agriculture. We remain committed and supported to furthering agricultural economic development to the fullest extent.

There are many resources available agriculture businesses including the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) Ona Range Station, IFAS Extension Office, Farm Bureau and many more. The Hardee County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) is currently working on an incubator/accelerator that has a focused on value added agriculture.

Energy is basic to our contemporary human existence.  Hardee County “energy central” from an economic development perspective.  From electric power plants and transmission line distribution to natural gas transmission/distribution capacity Hardee County welcomes energy producers and industries needing power reliability.

Retail electrical companies include the City of Wauchula, Duke Power and Peace River Electric Cooperative supplied by Duke, Florida Power and Light, Seminole and two merchant producers, Invenergy and Vandola Power.
Natural Gas transmission companies include Peoples, Gulfstream and Florida Natural Gas along with Sebring  

The Hardee County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) and Economic Development Authority (EDA) have worked together to create a shovel ready Commerce Park that fosters manufacturing and light industrial companies. The Commerce Park includes broadband availability, a Sherriff substation, and close proximity to rail and major Highways. Companies located inside the 160 acre commerce park ship their products on a global market.

Hardee County IDA has an incubator/ accelerator that assists production based businesses. The facility includes a fill line and truck ramp.
Hardee County Economic Development Council can assist manufacturing businesses in exploring and applying for Enterprise Florida grants that are often available.

Hardee County is located in what is known as Bone Valley and has a large natural source of phosphate, thus making phosphate mining one of the largest industries in the county. The mining of phosphate also creates a cluster of businesses that work symbiotic with phosphate companies.

Technology is a thriving industry that is instrumental in every aspect of our lives. Hardee County has made an initiative to foster this industry through the creation and construction of a ubiquitous Broadband system and a technology park.

  • Broadband
    The Broadband system covers the entire geographical area of Hardee County. This system was constructed by early 2011 and provides superior broadband service at extremely competitive rates to the citizens of the County. Thru this initiative we have successfully created a direct connection to the main “fiber” communications network in the State and nation referred to as an ILA/POP (Intermediate Light Amplification/Point of Presence.)
  • Technology Park
    The Technology Park is located on Hwy 17. The building was purchased and renovated by the Hardee County IDA to foster and support the technology industry. The Technology Park, TechRiver, has office space available for lease. TechRiver has 500 Mbps (megabits per second) of Broadband, state of the art security with swipe card access and video surveillance and a data vault with rack space available. The building has redundant power coming from the grid, an allotment of power from the sub-station, and 100 kilowatts of capacity of PRECO’s 1825 kilowatt generator located adjacent to PRECO’s Wauchula substation; making it virtually impossible for the power to go down.



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